Wait List Policy

Parents wishing to enroll at Sharon Academy may experience a waiting period to enroll their child.  To assist parents with a consistent approach to the anticipated timeframe for their child’s waiting period, Sharon Academy has developed the following Wait List Policy.

1)    Parents wishing to enroll a child at Sharon Academy within a program for which no current opening exists, can choose to have their name added to a “Wait List” that will be maintained for each program’s age level based upon a first come, first serve basis.  Being on the Wait List does not guarantee the parent that his or her child will be placed in a particular class, but does create a hierarchy of access to future openings in that program. Parents will need to have paid the appropriate Registration Fee to be placed on the Wait List.

2)   Three subgroups on the Wait List exist with increasing priorities.  The First Level on the Wait List is for parents who are new to Sharon Academy.  The parents on this list will be added to the list in the order their completed application and registration fees have been received.  The Second Level of the Wait List is for parents who have a child currently enrolled in one of the Sharon Academy programs and who have completed the appropriate application and registration fees.  Parents with a child on the Second Level Wait List will have a priority over those parents on the First Level Wait List, irrespective of the timing for being placed on the First Level or the Second Level Wait List, such that all Second Level Wait List children will be added to a program before any First Level Wait List child is added. A Third Level Wait List exists for any teacher or staff position with a child of his or her own.  Accordingly, the Third Level Wait List will take first priority over all other Wait Lists.

3)    When parents are offered the next available position in their requested program from the Wait List, their child will be enrolled in the program when they have completed the necessary deposit and all enrollment forms.  Acceptance of the available position must be completed within one week of notification.  Parents who choose not to accept the available position in the program for which they have been on the Wait List can choose to be removed from the Wait List or have their name added to the end of the Wait List with a written request.  This open position in the program will then be offered to the next parent on the Wait List.